Achieve More With Less

Reducing or eliminating the number of on-site servers, software cost, and the number of staff can significantly reduce costs, while accessing powerful off-site data centers can potentially improve your IT capabilities.

24/7 Availability

The Cloud providers we work with are extremely reliable in providing their service. If your employees have an internet connection, they can access data and their applications when they need them most. 

Enhanced Mobility

Work via laptop, tablet or smart phone while on the go in a variety of environments like retail stores, in the field or while visiting customers at their homes or offices. You and your employees can have access to data and applications anywhere in the world that has internet access. 

Worldwide Collaboration

Employee groups, with the proper access permission, can see and edit data in real time from offices around the world. These disperse groups can meet virtually and easily share and update information in real time. This allows teams to improve product development reduce time-to-market and create exceptional customer experiences across multiple touch-points.

Capacity When You Need It

Capacity at off-site data centers can be provisioned as needed on the fly. For example, holiday or seasonal trends may increase the amount of traffic your company typically experiences. Capacity can be added quickly to avoid over-utilization of servers and potentially impacting business. When the traffic slows down, capacity can be de-provisioned resulting in cost efficiencies. 

Cloud Computing Can Be More Cost Effective

With traditional computing, your company may spend tens or hundreds of thousands before you see a return from your investment in a data center. Through Cloud, you may not have to invest significant money up front on hardware, facility construction and other operational costs.

Pay Only For What You Need

Traditional on-site computing requires buying hardware with enough capacity for peak utilization times and future growth. This technology sits idle the rest of the time, depreciating. Through Cloud you only pay for the infrastructure capacity that you need, while you use it. 

Expenses Can Be Quickly Reduced

Markets are constantly changing and your business needs change with them. Cloud computing offers a flexible cost structure that can be increased or decreased based on what your business requires during these fluctuations.  

Improve Your “Green” Credentials

For companies that are environmentally conscious, the Cloud has an added benefit. When using shared resources via the Cloud you have less impact on the environment.

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