Access Control & Surveillance


State-of-the-art physical security, expertly installed and maintained.

The Tech Consultants can help protect your facilities with sophisticated Access Control. Our certified engineers can provide guidance, installation and maintenance of Access Control throughout your building. You may remotely restrict or permit employee access to any area or areas across all your facilities through keypad or card readers.


You may monitor and manage multiple facilities at once, from anywhere.

You will have the option to remotely observe your day-to-day operations in HD, adding a layer of security from internal and external threats. We will integrate these security measures seamlessly into your IT infrastructure, monitor and update them as needed. Alerts can be sent out to you immediately if anyone attempts to circumnavigate your established protocols.

How It Works

Access Control Features

  • Protect sensitive areas – Implement access by employee security level, time, day & area.
  • Detailed reporting – Track employee access times and length of time spent in secure areas.
  • Bluetooth Supported – Bluetooth low energy supported.
  • Low Utilities Usage – 100% power over Ethernet.
  • Integration – Option to enhance with CCTV Surveillance Cameras.
  • Warning Alerts – Immediate warning of suspicious activity sent to desktop, cell phone or device(s) of your choice.
  • Peace of mind – Rest assured that your most valuable areas are protected 24/7.

HD CCTV Surveillance Features:

  • HD Recording – The highest video resolution ensures clear images and playback.
  • Max Visibility – Rotation angles up to 360. Day & Night visibility available.
  • Remote Live Feeds – Stream camera views from anywhere with an Internet connection.
  • Alarm Integration – Alarm input & output available.
  • Recording – 24/7 recording of video & audio.
  • Listen & See – Audio recording & 2-way audio available
  • Low Utilities Usage – 100% power over Ethernet.

Why Work With The Tech Consultants?

Built for Enterprise

The Tech Consultants help businesses with 20 or more users by providing better, proactive Business IT Support.

Customer Service Dedication

We Have Retained 93% of Our Clients Over The Past 10 Years.


Our award winning team, based in Woodland Hills, can create, implement and maintain custom IT solutions for companies with 20 to 1,000 or more users.

Qualified Expert Team

Our experienced team of premier IT specialists can help your company achieve this. We will audit, streamline and maintain a healthy IT infrastructure for your business.

We will audit, streamline and maintain a healthy IT infrastructure for your business. The Tech Consultants’ IT professionals can support your existing IT department or act as a full-service outsourced IT agent for businesses with 20 to 250 plus users. Outsourcing will lower your potential expenditures on a full time staff while substantially improving the quality of service you receive.