Cloud services can help your business do more with less. With the right virtual setup, your team has access to improved IT capability, including mobile solutions they can take anywhere. And your business gets the capacity it needs for its computing requirements along with easier methods for collaboration, all while lowering your overall operational costs.

Even if you think moving to the cloud or optimizing your business’s cloud infrastructure could help, do you have the time to make that happen? Don’t worry. You don’t need to. Work with The Tech Consultants and we can provide the managed cloud services you need.

We take all the work out of the process, handling every aspect of architecting and maintaining your cloud environment. With our comprehensive, holistic approach to cloud computing, we help your business seize the opportunity of the digital age without extra work or cost for you.

You may have a legacy system you trust for storing your business’s information. But keeping your data siloed in an on-premise system comes at a cost. Here are the benefits cloud computing can help your business realize.

The Benefits Of The Cloud

Lowered Costs

Traditional on-site computing requires buying hardware with enough capacity for peak utilization times and future growth. This technology sits idle the rest of the time, depreciating. With our cloud services, you only have to pay for the infrastructure you need while you actually use it. This gives you a way to scale your computing capabilities precisely in line with your business’s needs. Plus, we can help you repurpose redundant hardware so you don’t waste a penny.

Increased Functionality and Flexibility

When your data lives in the cloud, you can make it accessible to any members on your team. With carefully controlled permissions (which we can manage), it’s easy to make sure everyone has access to the information they need to do their best work. You and your staff can work via laptop, tablet, or smartphone while on the go in a variety of environments.

The Right Cloud Environment

Cloud services can deliver benefits to your business, but too many people think the investment required to get a cloud environment set up negates those perks. We work with Microsoft Azure, Microsoft 365, AWS, and other leading cloud vendors. We can help you pick the right solution for your business’s current and future needs then migrate you to that solution, whether that means taking an entirely on-premise infrastructure to the cloud or unifying different systems into one solution.

Additionally, cloud computing can give your team online access to resources and applications that make it easier to do their job. Employee groups, with the proper access permission, can see and edit data in real-time from offices around the world. Ultimately, if you’ve looked for a way to empower your staff, this is it.

From that point on, we ensure your cloud environment continues to meet your business’s needs. We can scale this solution with you as you grow and need new functionality or storage capabilities. Ultimately, we offer a holistic, comprehensive approach to cloud computing. We can advise you on the best setup for your business, then get you there.

Are you ready to explore what cloud services could unlock for your business? Call our team at The Tech Consultants today.

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